Friday, July 29, 2005

Wife cuts off husband's penis

A Thailand woman cut off her husband's penis after he asked her to make love one more time before he left her for another woman.

Saithong Wantha, 53, then asked neighbours to take Udom Phorit, 35, to hospital while she turned herself in to police, reports The Nation.

Neighbours got hold of Udom's sister, Boonsong Ansanghan, but they could not find the severed organ.

They had to call Saithong on her Cell Phone. She told them she had tossed it behind the fence in the front yard.

Nearly two hours went by before surgeons at Khon Kaen University's Srinakharin Hospital could operate.

Finally, they reattached Udom's penis, but said there was only a 50-50 chance it would function properly.

Saithong, 53, told police at Kosum Pisai that she cut off Udom's penis in a fit of rage because he was leaving her.

She hoped he would stop philandering and stay with her if he could no longer function sexually.

"I love him and I don't want him to leave,"

Ouch!!! As they say there's nothing worse than an angry wonman!

Might have been a better idea for Udom's to inform his wife he was leaving here AFTER sex, not BEFORE.

What an idiot.